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International Conference on Mental Health Support in the Realities of War Successfully Hosted by Kaivalya Empowerment Hub

Kaivalya, in partnership with Ukrainian Voices and the Ukrainian Civil Society Hub, has recently concluded its inaugural international conference dedicated to addressing the pressing challenges of preserving mental health amidst the impact of war.

The conference, which brought together experts, stakeholders, and advocates from around the world, was honored to welcome Oksana Zbitneva, Head of the Coordination Center for Mental Health of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine, and a representative from the UN Refugee Committee, who both endorsed this critical initiative.

The event focused on the importance of adopting a systemic approach to effect positive change in the mental health landscape of war-affected regions. With the belief that collaboration is key, the organizers envision this conference as the first step towards establishing an international platform dedicated to mental health recovery.

"We are committed to making a meaningful impact," said Anna Harbuz, president of Kaivalya Empowerment Hub, emphasizing the significance of collective efforts in addressing mental health challenges in conflict zones.

Stay tuned for further updates on our journey towards mental health recovery and empowerment.

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