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II International Conference "Recovery of Mental Health of Forcibly Displaced Persons." Held in Brussels on June 26-27, 2024

On June 26-27, the second conference "Recovery of Mental Health of Forcibly Displaced Persons. International Experience" took place in Brussels. This event became a genuine platform for international collaboration among mental health professionals, bringing together experts, researchers, and representatives of NGOs from various countries.

The conference was organized by Kaivalya Empowerment Hub, Ukrainian Voices RC, SHOC, Ukrainian Civil Society Hub, supported by UNHRC and Brussels Capital Region. These organizations put in maximum effort to ensure a high-level event and to facilitate productive exchange of experiences among participants.

"The world is on the brink of a new pandemic. And it is a pandemic of mental health," stated Anna Harbuz, president of Kaivalya, emphasizing the urgent need for cooperation and joint efforts to address the mental health crisis, especially among refugees and people affected by war.

During the conference, key issues related to the mental health of forcibly displaced persons were discussed. Participants shared their experiences working in crisis situations, analyzed research results, and developed new strategies for assistance. Special attention was given to methods of supporting professionals and preventing burnout.

The conference demonstrated that only through collective efforts of the international community can the challenges associated with the mental health crisis be overcome. Participants highlighted the necessity of further cooperation between governments, non-governmental organizations, and international institutions to ensure comprehensive support for people who have experienced traumatic events.

This event marked an important step towards creating a global network of support and assistance for those who need attention and care the most.

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